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Your hands create. Products are developed and missions are accomplished. You know the pleasant feeling when you roll up your sleeves and put on your gloves, and prepare

for a challenging job. We share that feeling! We are here to give you the tools and support you on your way towards your goals. For more than 26 years, sanjran safety sports has helped inspire a generation and provided protection in the workplace. Unique hands deserve unparalleled custom made solutions. Your hands deserve sanjran safety sports.

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Since 1998

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A global provider of innovative safety products


Due to the long-term use of a quality management system, we take care of smooth processes from production to delivery. In this way, we ensure that our customers always receive high-quality products. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Safety Products You Can Trust

Over the last 29 years, sanjran safety sports has grown its product offering in personal protective equipment to deliver head-to-toe protection. Today, in addition to knit gloves and sleeves, we manufacture hard hats, face shields, ear muffs, ear plugs and first aid products.

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