About Us

Your hands create. Products are developed and missions are accomplished. You know the pleasant feeling when you roll up your sleeves and put on your gloves, and prepare

for a challenging job. We share that feeling! We are here to give you the tools and support you on your way towards your goals. For more than 26 years, sanjran safety sports has helped inspire a generation and provided protection in the workplace. Unique hands deserve unparalleled custom made solutions. Your hands deserve sanjran safety sports.

Sajran Safety Sports is a durable manufacturer & Exporters all type of safety gloves, and specialized in custom designs and private labels Since 1998.

Sajran Safety Sports is family-owned Business. We have our own Leather Tanneries. Where we produce large quantities of Leather Skins for Leather Gloves.

We Produce a complete line of products ranges from high performance gloves to Traditional work and largely focus on High Quality Competitive Prices, Well Design and timely delivery.